The Jazz Passion

In March, 2010 the world premiere of the Jazz Passion took place at St. Luke Lutheran Church in Chicago. Pastor David Abrahamson, senior pastor of St. Luke Ministries, wrote the libretto.  Pastor Peter W. Marty wrote this in response: “Just to confirm what you already know: That Passion performance was truly awesome. As I listened (and watched – and there was a lot to watch), I kept thinking of the many beautiful layers and textures in the piece.”

Bobby Lewis (, Bobby Schiff ( and Andy Tecson composed and arranged the music. Bob Bowker sang the role of Jesus in the world premiere. You can purchase a studio recording of A Jazz Passion from iTunes, by searching for “churchjazz”. You can also obtain the CD from the store section of this website. All proceeds are used to support the music ministries of St. Luke Church.

This new work tells the story of the last days of Christ’s life, starting with the temptation of Christ in the wilderness and ending with His resurrection. It is approximately one hour in length.  Pastor Abrahamson’s text reveals Christ’s final journey in a new and fresh light. While being completely faithful to the scriptures, his interpretation is creative and insightful. The ensemble includes twelve instrumentalists and twelve singers. This work would be a wonderful addition to the repertoire of choirs and jazz bands at faith based colleges.